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Our Story

‘Tingg’ is the sound that resonates from within when an ‘idea’ strikes the mind! Abound with ideas, Tingg was a venture for the founder to make these ideas functional and help the associated brands to be well received. The company further focuses on building a community of creative thinkers, it believes in creating a platform for like-minded individuals who passionately want to pursue storytelling. Coming together of people, who can share ideas on better ways to storytelling, is the kind of filmmakers’ community Tingg aims to build.

Tingg way of life

Tingg stands by the idea of having creativity as a way of life.

We thrive on ideas! Any idea, small or big, is important for us as long as it works for our clients. Calling ourselves a hybrid agency is just right, as all we do is serve our clients seamlessly across online & offline media. What makes us different is that we realise & live by the thought that ‘there can be nothing beyond the business vision’ and to get our clients’ message across to their target market, we will leave no stone unturned!

Our Story


Creating responsible media content.


To build a progressive media community.