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    8 best things to do for content marketing

8 best things to do for content marketing

Content is everywhere, the Internet is full of it. The obvious question arises: How can you make your content stand out and become the most viewed, most shared piece on the internet; an indirect way of marketing your content?

The good news is, content shared on social media is attainable by just doing a few right things. 

Choose the right Channel

You have 3 options: Video, images or plain text.

Obviously, the channel must be suitable for the content. It’s harder to stir up emotions through plain written words since the Internet is primarily visual. If you are unable to use all three in conjunction, pictures seem to reign supreme and videos are also on the rise.

Choose the right topics

Trending topics are your best bet because you know people already like them. Trending topics are also well-received on social media sites. There are various tools to help you find trending topics, like BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and Feedly. These tools will give you invaluable information on the topics that are most shared. You can track them regularly to find trending content.

Work up the right amount of content

This one’s simple. Work until you’re sure you’ve added as much value as possible! Verify your content after finishing. Refer to as many sources as possible to make sure the content gives out the exact information, facts and figures. Research about the kind of information the viewers or readers are seeking on a particular topic, make sure you add the right amount of information and do not overwhelm the target audience with the content.

Find your Purple Cow

Standing out is what can give you an edge.

The three most common answers by people about why they want to share the content - "It is interesting/informative", "it is entertaining, I know few friends who will like this", "This is an affirmation to what I think". 

The challenge with creating your content is making it as remarkable as possible. Usually, this means you have to follow the three basic rules. Be the first at something or be radically different or be the best. The new inclusion to this would be to at the minimum, follow the best.  So, while sitting down to create content, make sure to add at least one 'Purple Cow' element to it.

Swimming against the tide is sometimes necessary

DON’T go with the flow. Many creators fall into this ruse. Try your best to avoid posts, videos or pictures which present topics from the normal, socially accepted point of view. If you’re reporting news or creating original content, first check out what the majority of people are saying about that particular topic. If you are able to contradict them all, while making a solid case, with really grounded arguments, you’re bound to go viral. Paddle against the current and you can see the difference.

Infographics will help

Everybody loves them. Even if you don’t do a complete infographic, add some entertaining and engaging elements to improve the chances of your content being shared.

Always keep it open-ended to engage your audience

Always use open-endings. Always leave space for people to "fill in" and add to the content by commenting or sharing. Many of your readers are dying to share their opinions on any subject; some of them need an invitation, some of them don’t. But invite them all the same.

Asking for Shares is alright

It appears that (surprise!) people respond to retweets and share requests with… retweeting and sharing! This means you should end your articles, videos or pictures by asking the viewer to like, tweet, rate, comment, etc., and chances are, they will!


As content creators, we hold the responsibility to make our content not just entertaining, but socially relevant. In the context of social media, sharing is really just word of mouth enabled through technology. All you have to do is provide content that people want to spread around.