3 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

3 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

The age-old paradigm -- where businesses produced, marketers talked, consumers listened, and sales followed -- has given way to an economy where customers co-create, marketing strategies lead to two-way interactions, and customised product offerings move into the marketplace via channels unheard of even a few years ago.

Digital Marketing has taken over the world of smart business.

The shrewdest marketers today are alert and able to become accustomed to change quickly. From integrating virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) to improving how we use big data for connecting with consumers to assembling brand loyalty with authentic storytelling, here are 3 strategies that will be shaping the future of your digital marketing-


1) Futuristic technologies that will become an integral part of digital marketing

People are starting to notice artificial intelligence and its impact on the world. Last few years have witnessed a lot of discussions about AI, its broad application & implications.  Marketers are already using AI in ad exchanges and for campaign optimisation. If you want to remain competitive, you will have to explore ways to integrate AI into the customer experience, to supplement their customer engagement efforts, among other things. The use of following technologies for marketing are fast gaining public attention-

•    Virtual reality

•    Facial coding

•    Actionable data / improved data visualization

•    Wearable technology

2) Ingenious use of relevant data to form a creative strategy is the way forward

With the increase of analytical tools for measuring content performance, the way marketers value content is transforming. Effective content marketing in the coming years will depend heavily on marketers’ ability to quickly identify relevant data about how consumers engage with content and how much of that data is pertinent for informed decision making. Today, every interaction a customer has with your content is an opportunity to build a relationship with them and ultimately bring them one step closer to making a purchase or related decision.

An online creative strategy is formed after careful insights into customer behaviour. For instance, if a company is planning on hosting a marathon towards a cause, it is essential for digital marketers to maximise the visibility of the event online, based on customer behaviour. Creating a content hub that can facilitate conversations around the theme are critical. Using right hashtags, emotionally connecting with the target audience by making them share their videos, images with their families and about their experience and what has made them support this cause, will all help. A cross-channel (across various social media channels) campaign is equally important as the audiences are entirely fragmented. Thanking the participants through a token of gratitude like an e-card or releasing a video with all their images will make them more connected and identify with the brand.

3) Brands are building loyalty with authentic storytelling

Smart marketers already understand that modern consumers are self-directed.  The key is to start small, identify what works, and then scale out a consistent campaign that tells an authentic story -- across multiple channels, connecting with people in real-time, no matter where they are.

Some of the most successful brands in the world today are focused on delivering a better customer experience. Marketers have to make sure they have the right technology and customer data to allow them to deliver the right content and experiences across channels and in the moment.

Digital marketing has great potential, and you can attune your business to consumer interests by addressing these two questions:

•    What do customers love about your business and what changes could make them like it even more?

•    What attributes or values make customers choose your business over others and what could deepen or reward their commitment?


As a smart marketer, you need to gear up to keep up with the pace. The reality is there is no longer a one-size-fits-all model for marketers to follow, so marketers need to rethink their content and distribution channels which can build an emotional connection with the customers and enhance the overall customer experience.