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4 reasons why social media campaigns are necessary for your business

4 reasons why social media campaigns are necessary for your business

In the February of 2017, GE announced their goal of having 20,000 women to fill their STEM roles by 2020. The plan was to exponentially increase the representation of women in its technical roles and establish gender equality. If this is achieved, GE will turn out to be the largest company in the US to have a 50:50 male: female employee ratio! Although it sounds like a noble plan, achieving it no mean feat! Statistics still show women are under-represented even with major tech giants! With a view to spread the thought extensively and stand out in the industry, GE is pulling out all the stops with their marketing efforts. One most successful campaign on this idea is ‘Balance the Equation’ featuring Millie Dresselhaus, National Medal of Science in Engineering awardee. The campaign has been making a sweeping impact on social media, promulgating the idea of GE, terming it as “Cause Marketing”.

A social media campaign is a dedicated marketing effort which compliments your business goal by increasing focus, targeting and measurability. With numerous social media sites available for marketing, we are often spoilt for choice. But making the right move and strategising the campaigns to suit your business can allow you to outfox your competitors. Organic posts can no longer be the banked upon to reach out to your target market. To make the right impact on the audience, paid campaigns are a necessity.

1.    Choosing the right social media channels for your business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, Reddit, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, Snapchat and the list only continues. With a new social medium getting added to the list every day, it is important to know which ones are going to fetch you the maximum ROI, in terms of the viewership, subscription, brand building and the growth of core business itself. A/B testing is generally recommended for smaller campaigns and only after understanding the metrics, you can launch a full-fledged campaign.

a.    For example, In the US, people between the ages of 25-54 are most active on Facebook, unlike the ones between the ages of 18-24. If a company is looking at the target market aged between 18-24, it is better to keep the company page on Facebook only for its presence and not invest in too many promotions.

b.    For businesses which are women-oriented, Pinterest is the right platform. It is seen that 42% of women who are online use Pinterest.

c.    As for professional networking, LinkedIn in the right place for both job seekers and employers.

2.     Social media campaigns drive traffic to your website

Every campaign is set up for two main reasons, for brand awareness and generating leads. The traffic that you intend to direct to your site through the campaign is often targeted i.e. your campaign is made to reflect in the feeds of the people who are likely to be interested in your product or service, thereby driving them to click through your website.

3.    They help understand your target market psyche and build brand loyalty

A report by Texas Tech University says brands with active social media profiles, i.e., active through campaigns or events, have more loyal customers. Campaigns run towards a cause; campaigns involving your followers at a personal level like the ‘milestone campaigns’ where company milestones or accomplishments are celebrated; charity campaigns etc are proven to up your brand loyalty base.

Further, well thought out campaigns can help understand the customers and boost the engagement with them. For instance, ‘#MyStarbucksIdeas’ campaign by the coffee giant Star Bucks was launched on Twitter to engage people with their business. The campaign invited the public to come up with ideas to improve the existing product, suggest newer products and ideas for local franchise etc. The company received an overwhelming response through 300 new ideas!

4.    Serve as a perfect PR tool

A recent collaboration between a kids’ playhouse and dedicated kids’ salon was announced on social media through a partnership campaign, run for a week. With the right hashtags, each promoted their respective businesses and generated substantial leads through social media sites. Hashtag campaigns instantly increase the visibility of your content, increase the brand awareness, boost your followers and introduce your brand to potential customers, engage them through retweets and comments.

Tip: For making the most of your hashtag, use original, trending, exciting and easy to understand word or phrase.

Case in Point: Red Bull, one of the most popular energy drink brands wanted to boost the brand awareness and sales of their tropical flavoured ‘summer edition’ drink for the Australian market. They chose Instagram for the launch of the teaser for their campaign. They started using yellow filters for a range of images and videos depicting typical summer days. With the hashtag ‘#thisssummer’, they were able to reach over 1.2 million consumers and created an unprecedented awareness of the new launch!

Blogger Justin Lambert says, “Brands have an ultimatum: pay to play or forfeit the game.” Strategic investments made in advertising will fetch great results in the long run. Make the most of your social media presence and start your smart campaign today!