Madanothsava is a celebration that dates back 1600 years when people rejoiced the arrival of spring through music, poetry, dance, plays and everything that transformed the place into something new. Abhinava Dance Company intends to revive this age old tradition by organising a whole day carnival celebrating the advent of spring.


To introduce our art and Culture across the globe through this festival and encourage the community to life with the distinct flavours of art.



  • Curate experiences that our people have forgotten and the world is unaware of, by going back to our tradition and roots
  • Commence an annual tradition of organising this festival through which we can increase awareness of Indian traditions, art and culture and garner people across the globe to the city every year
  • Allow the artistic community to engage with the larger community and inspire them through interaction, participation and showcasing exceptional talent
  • Bring forth art lovers across the globe to Bangalore every year through participation and collaboration and provide an opportunity to explore Karnataka's vast heritage.


Event Summary

The event will showcase energizing dance, world-class music, enlightening panel discussions and interactions coupled with a host of other activities such as art exhibits, food stalls and activities for children, the young and the elderly, presented with a grandeur like never before. Our event aims to bring together the best of Bangalore’s dancers, musicians, poets and artists who will the audience with their finest performances and activities. This will also encourage the community to celebrate its age old traditions and art while having a lot of fun.

This event is the brain child of Nirupama & Rajendra - the artistic directors of Abhinava Dance Company.



30-March-2018, 7:30am - 9pm (All day event) 


K H Kalasoudha, Ramanjaneya Gudda compound, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru 


Free for performances, registration for activities 


Details of the Event

Key Activities

The carnival will be filled with activities, games and fun through the course of the day. There is something for everyone - children, youngsters, adults, the elderly and the art enthusiasts This will be an unique opportunity to go back to the older era and experience

In addition, various food stalls that will showcase their culinary innovation by offering delicacies' based on the theme - the mango fruit.


Artistes & Schedule

Usha Geethe 07.30 am Faiyaz Khan & Group
Inauguration 09.00 am Procession with Khombu Kahle and Vadya Mela. All participants to be in ancient Gupta period costumes
Madanaanjali, Sahakara Bhanjikotsava and Holi 09.30 am Traditional dance related to Madanothsava
Creative Music 11.15 am Praveen D Rao & Group
Classical Painting and Flute Music 11.45 am BKS Varma, H S Venugopal
Nayaka presentation 12.45 am Praveen Kumar, Sathyanarayana Raju, Parshwanath Upadhye, Naveen Hegde
Laya Lavanya 03.00 pm Vinod Shyam & Group
Glow Art and Sand Art 03.30 pm Vinay Hegde, Raghavendra Hegde
Aashu Kavite 04.15 pm Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh
Soulë - Music Band 05.00 pm Sarfaraaz Khan & Group
Odissi 05.30 pm Madhulitha Mahopatra
Standup Comedy 06.00 pm Prof. Krishne Gowda
Kathak 07.00 pm Abhinava Dance Company
Strings Attached 08.00 pm Kumaresh & Jayanthi Kumaresh



Abhinava Dance Company

About the Organizers

Nirupama & Rajendra - are one of India's foremost classical dancers, who hail from a family of educationists, artists and Harikatha Vidwans (Traditional story tellers of Karnataka). As founders & artistic directors of 'Abhinava Dance Company', the duo has introduced a great deal of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination to Classical Art. They have been incessantly working in the field of dance for 25 years as dancers, choreographers, teachers, producers and performers in their own right. Their performances are based on Indian classical dance perfected over the years from their learning in music, dance, literature and culture from various sources(some that date back to 5000 year old scriptures to 21st century technological innovations). As heads of Abhinava Dance Company, they have travelled extensively performing to over 6 million connoisseurs across the globe. The duo is empanelled as OUTSTANDING artists of the ICCR & their Dance school is recognised by ICCR as a school featuring International Standards Of Guru Shishya Parampara Dance Education Smt. Nirupama is the honorable member of Karnataka Sangeeta Nritya Academy.

Abhinava Dance Company - is at the forefront amongst dance companies of India who are constantly exploring new creative ways of bringing out the essence of Indian dance. Rooted in the Indian dance tradition, it has evolved its own distinct style of dance presentation. Its musical compositions are a unique blend of traditional Indian classical music with a wide range of global music. ADC’s performances have reached out their Art to Over 7 million viewers across FIVE CONTINENTS.



Contribution and Reach

  • Extensive contribution to dance through Abhinava over the last two decades
  • Over 100 intricately choreographed sequences
  • 5 large scale Full length Productions
  • Reached over 7 million audiences globally
  • Over 800 shows since 1994
  • Over 40 Shows every year


Association with Government Events

  • Bengaluru International Film Festival
  • Belur - Halebidu Festival
  • Hampi Festival
  • Pattadakal Dance Festival
  • Lakundi Festival
  • Navarasapura Festival
  • Dhauli Mahothsav - Bhuvaneshwar
  • Nishagandhi Festival Kerala
  • Konark Dance Festival
  • Khajuraho Dance Festival
  • Vishwa Kannada Sammelana - Belgaum
  • Ten years of Delhi International Airport -Delhi