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Brand Infusion

This covert advertising technique has found long established relevance due to the emotional & psychological impact it creates in the minds of the audience clubbed with high entertainment value. Tingg works as a brand consultant on the film sets! Our team of reliable visual communication & old advertising hands ensure our partner brands are optimised in every charged frame.

How Do We Do it?

We create a synergy between the brand and the film script and based on the brand guidance we infuse it into the script to achieve maximum brand recall

We help the team with pre-release promotions & events (both online & offline), post-release promotions and maximising the audience reach

Our Film Screening Partners – Purple Arrow Films will assist you in reaching out to the global audience through global releases and participation in international film festivals

Web Series

Web series has grown incredibly over the last decade. Studies show, in India 70% of the population comprises youth and a significant number of them are hooked online round-the-clock. Shows customised for the web, carry a lot of advantage over traditional television content, be it for the freedom from censorship or banal stories or timing issues. Conceiving and stitching material that is fresh, creative and compelling is what every viewer wishes to see online. Much to their wants, Tingg focuses on tailoring subjects which are in sync with the new-age yearnings.

From delivering new, discrete narratives to our bona fide viewers to contriving ideas which can uphold the values of the brands associated with us, we don’t hesitate in flaunting our competence. Our web series is a collection of well thought-out, feel-good stories that will influence the way a brand is perceived. Applying the brand prism techniques as a golden rule, you can see deftly woven episodes in each of the brand films.

Film Promotions & Merchandising

The concept of using a film theme for a merchandised property is proven to promote the film in a big way, together with keeping the characters alive for a long time. This promotional tool is seen to make positive contributions to a film’s revenue streams. As part of the promotional activity, we strategise and help filmmakers come up with unique merchandise and reach out to the right target audience. We strategise optimal reach out plans through our online & offline promotional tools.