About the Strategic Partnership

Bluechink is a privately held software development company formed in 2017 with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Bluechink offers Augmented Intelligence Technology through their innovative unified platform “ELIXIRA”. This compossible platform offers seamless API integration with variety of networks and applications on IoT & AI. Platform output provides automation, analytics and custom built mobile application that brings business value & user experience to customers.

Bluechink offers a wide array of comprehensive technology solutions to customers in Healthcare, Education and Manufacturing which incidentally are the focus verticals for Tingg as well. Thus, by virtue of aligned business vision, Tingg and Bluechink have formed a strategic partnership to add value to customers of Tingg in the respective industry verticals. Tingg with its strength in Strategy, Branding and Marketing will bring to its customers the power of bluechink technology solutions to address specific pain points through technology thereby solving key issues in the areas of Asset Management, Facility Management, Warehouse Management, Footfall Analytics, Intelligent Manufacturing amongst others.

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