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CoEvolve Estates

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CoEvolve Estates

CoEvolve Estates, formerly known as Asset Builders, is a group that offers sustainable – environmentally forward, inclusive and affordable homes.

Evolving Together

The entity to transition from Asset Builders to CoEvolve Estates required a brand migration document that spoke the same language across the organization. Their new logo which is built on the theme ‘love’, talks about the homes to fall in ‘love’, to live and make memories with people you ‘love’, ‘love’ for the environment and more love with everything they do. A heart signifying love, and leaf in the shape of a heart to signify the ‘love for the environment’ needed a rich and powerful brand migration and philosophy document. It is sheer joy for Tingg to work with clients who do their bit for the society!

Along with designing creatives for their print ads and hoardings, Tingg also did their transformation video, i.e., the way the entity evolved over the years. We strategised their annual event and helped them roll out an internal event for their cherished residents.

CoEvolve has been one of our most esteemed clients and we hope to evolve together with them.