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Guhring Gala 2018

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Guhring - Gala 2018

Companies are on a constant endeavour to create a motivated and productive workplace. For every working individual, at the end of the day, it is about maintaining the quality of life, managing a satisfying balance between work and family. Good companies help employees get the best of both worlds, a productive workplace and a peaceful family time. Guhring India, a subsidiary of Guhring KG, dedicates a day for its employees and their families every year to help them unleash and spend quality time together.

Making it special for the employees

Right from coining the name to choosing a theme to strategising and planning to designing the creatives to execution, Tingg handled the event from production to implementation. 'Guhring Gala 2018' is what we named the event. With the concept of superheroes, over 400 participants got together the whole day to make little moments filled with joy, the memories of tomorrow.

Tingg thanks the entire team of Guhring India for their cooperation which made the event extremely successful!