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A novel concept in the healthcare segment, ‘Suquino’ works on providing telehealthcare solutions for long-term wellness. Powered by Saffron Platform & Ginger Analytics, the solution aims at providing personalized and holistic medical support.


Although a global concept, the term Suquino has an Indian origin. Suquino in Sanskrit means happiness and free from suffering. The client wanted a logo which was an ideal combination of wellness and technology, simply put, a ‘Glocal’ concept.


Healthcare has always been more than business for Tingg. It’s a sheer pleasure to work with clients whose ideologies match ours. This brought the logo designing process very close to our heart. The logo had to be an amalgamation of global thinking interspersed with Indian doctrines. As we started deliberating on the concept, our designers had to strictly get into the ‘mode of meditation’ to be able to have clarity of thoughts. Eureka! An idea struck the mind! We conceived the concept of ‘Digital Mudra’. Mudra refers to various hand & finger positions in yoga shastra. Practising various mudras is believed to channelize the flow of energy in the body, activate the brain cells and lead to overall well-being.

After a lot of research, ‘Mudra’ was considered to be the perfect representation of Indian practices. To showcase technological infusion into the logo, ‘Ginger’, which is the intelligence part (AI) of the solution was symbolically embedded within the logo.

Telehealthcare is a new concept in India, but the segment is slowly catching up, owing to its long-term benefits. In this regard, Tingg has collaborated with Suquino to bring about alliances in the healthcare segment & promote the product & its platform, extensively.