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Success Stories

Our next success story is with a film production company, ‘Zelenka’. The production house works towards generating quality content backed by updated technology. The passion that the founders and the management team carry for cinema was something that struck a chord with us.

Our collaboration

This customer came to us like an open book. So, more than a challenge it was about how we stood up to their expectation and added value through our collaboration. The primary task at hand was to create a logo which was true to their business. Tingg went by the significance of the name ‘Zelenka’; the word takes a Czech origin and signifies something that is ‘fresh’, ‘new’ or ‘original’. Fresh and new ideas for their content was the trigger which we interspersed within a camera indicating the way the new ideas get captured, and thus came up with a representational logo. The colours used for the logo are a gradient of green and a tint of light yellow, signifying the tenderness and freshness of the content.

The design guidelines for the company is made very elaborate and includes systematic standards for the usage of the logo and the brand colours across various media. The website was thought out to be an information delivering site and hence has been kept simple yet classy with its design and features.

Tingg has been supporting the company for all its online and offline marketing strategies and wishes to grow together with this customer.